Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pitha (Dudh Puli, Bhaja Puli and Gurer Shoru Chakl, Patishapta, Gokul Pitha )

Happy Poush Sankranti to all...
Poush Sankranti and Pitha....
In West Bengal, Sankranti, also known as Poush Sankranti is named after the Bengali month, is celebrated as a harvest festival Poush Parbon. It falls on 14 th January according to the western Calendar. The freshly harvested paddy ( Nobo anno) and the date palm jaggery in form of liquid called Jhola Gur or solid block form called Notun / Nolen / Patali gur are used along with coconut and milk to prepare sweet dish called Pithas. There are many kinds of Pithas made. 
Few of the Pithas are
Chitui piṭha
Aarisha Kakara pitha
Teler piṭha 
Bhapa piṭha 
Pakan piṭha
Puli piṭha
Gokul pitha 
Beni piṭha 
Dudher piṭha 
Chôndro puli
Muger puli
Dudh puli
Paṭhi shapta
Mug pakon
Chutki Pitha (Traditional Old Dhaka Pitha)....

Here are few common pitha recipe links that I would like to share with you. Please click on the names to see the recipe. 

             Click here 👉  Bhaja Puli

              Click here 👉Dudh Puli

   Click here 👉 Gokul Pitha

Click here 👉 Khejur Gurer Shoru Chakli

Click here 👉 Patisapta