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Wednesday 11 August 2021

Taler Bora / Sugar Palm Fritters


Taler Boras are very popular in Bengal during this month, specially during Janmashtami as it’s supposed to be favourite of Shree Krishna. Ripe sugar plum pulp is extracted and made into various types of traditional sweets like Taler bora, Taler luchi or pitha. The golden pulp of the sugar palm, wheat flour, all purpose flour, semolina or rice flour, sugar, salt and grated coconut is used to make the batter, which is then dip fried to make fritters.  Some people add mashed bananas into the batter. This can be enjoyed as snacks, but it’s so delicious  that you can’t stop eating until it’s over. 


1 Sugar Palm

1/2 cup Wheat Flour 

1/2 cup Rice Flour 

1/4 cup Grated Coconut 

1/4 cup Sugar

1/4 tsp Salt 

Oil for frying 


Take a bowl, add wheat flour, rice flour, salt and sugar. Add the sugar palm as required to make a thick batter, whisk until the sugar dissolves. Add the coconut, stir and mix the batter well. Rest the batter for 10 minutes. Heat the oil in a wok, drop small portions of the batter into the oil. Fry the fritters until golden brown in colour. Remove the fritters on a paper towel. Enjoy. 

Saturday 5 September 2015

Kesar Pista Barfi Handi filled with Malai Rabdi...

Kesar Pista Barfi Handi filled with Malai Rabdi...

Kesar Pista Barfi
1 cup Pistachio powder
1 cup Cashewnut powder
1/4 cup Khoya
1/2 cup powder Sugar
2 pinch of Saffron
2 tbsp hot milk
1 tsp Ghee
1 tsp Almond flakes for garnishing
1 tsp Pistachio powder for garnishing

Take a mixing bowl. Mix pistachio powder, cashew powder and sugar. Take 2 tbsp hot milk, add saffron and let the saffron soak for 5 minutes. Take a pan. Add the Khoya. On low flame, cook the Khoya for few seconds, add the dry ingredients. Mix it. Add the saffron milk. Keep stirring the Barfi.... till it starts to leave the pan edges. Grease a plate. Pour the mixture. Let it cool a bit, but it should be still warm to shape the Barfi.  Apply ghee on the palms. Knead the mixture so that the mixture becomes smooth and forms a dough and it will be easy to shape it. Take a palm size portion and give it a handi shape. Make a hole in the handi to fill it with Malai Rabdi. Once the handi is made.. Sprinkle Pistachio powder and almond flakes on the handi. Sprinkle some pistachio powder on the Rabdi.

Malai Rabdi
500 grams Full Cream Milk
5 tbsp Condensed Milk
1 pinch of Cardomon powder

Heat and simmer the milk on low heat. Reduce the milk to 1/2 the quantity. Add the condensed milk and cardamom powder. Let it simmer and keep on stirring constantly till the milk has become thick....
Take it off the flame and cool it.