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Thursday 27 April 2017

Garnet Glow Tea - Review...

Garnet Glow is a tea company situated in Pune. They have a wide range of flavored tea blends from all over India, China and Japan. Once you peep into their website, they have customized offers for you. You can choose your own tea flavor, you can buy samples and taste it before buying in large quantity. You can choose and customize your blends. They are aromatic and have health benefits too. The company emphasizes on Flavourful aroma, Right colouration and Optimum health benefits. They can be packed in beautiful casing of your choice.
 To make a cup of tea...
          Add one teaspoon of tea leaves into a pot and pour hot water. Cover and keep it for 2 - 3 minutes. Strain it, add milk or lime and sugar. 
Please do try out their special blends, each of the flavours has unique delicate flavour and has healing properties too. This place is a treat for tea lovers. You can buy you goodies here. Click on the link given below 👇🏼
Garnet Glow Tea

 Darjeeling Mist Tea
The company says ----
The Darjeeling Mist tea leaves are uniquely beautiful, harvested from the high-altitude Himalayan range. The tea offers misty fresh aroma with an impeccable taste. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it serves your senses with serenity while curing various health ailments. 

Health Benefits:
Maintains Dental Health, Checks Gastric Ulcers, Promotes Weight Loss, Cancer Prevention, Boosts Heart Health.

My take on this - 
      As I opened the sachet of Darjeeling Mist, there was a nutty and floral aroma from the leaves.The aroma of the brewing tea was quite fresh. That moment I just needed to grab a book, which I did, enjoying the peace and of course the tea without milk. The flavour was quite enhancing. I felt rejuvenated. 

Masala Grove Tea
The company says - 
A unique blend of authentic Indian herbs and spices with rich premium tea leaves ensures that the goodness of all the ingredients are absorbed uniformly and gets released perfectly at the time of brewing. Known for its health benefits, daily consumption can help in boosting your metabolism. 

Health Benefits: 
Reduces cancer risk, Supports Immune System, Relieves PMS, Anti-Inflammatory Aid, Improves digestion, etc.

My take on this - 
The aroma of the tea upon opening the sachet was of the spices. Cardamom, pepper, rose petals, ginger was distinctly noticed with the tea. Upon brewing it, the aroma of the spices was all around. This blend became my favorite on the first sip. I did not use sugar and milk. While sipping the tea, one can actually get the aroma and flavour of the spices, with the flavor of cardamon lingering on the tongue. It gives you a inner satisfaction after having the tea. Almost missed my friends... wish they were there.. it would have been a perfect afternoon having adda with my friends and Masala Grove. 

Peach Black Tea 
The Company says - 
Delicate and delightful, Peach tea refreshes your body and mind with its sweet, smooth taste. High on nutritional value, it is non-acidic and brews up a beautiful golden hue while keeping the fruity flavor in balance. 

Health Benefits:
Weight Loss, Anti-oxidants, Supports Immune System, Anti-Cancer, Reduce hair loss, Stress-reliever.

My take on this -
I loved the peachy aroma upon opening the sachet. I brew up a beautiful golden hue and it smelled very peachy, felt tropical. The flavor had a very mild sweetness that tasted like a very fresh piece of fruit. It was a wonderful cup of tea. I personally would have made a chilled Peach ice tea to beat this summer heat. 

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Friday 14 April 2017

Cool Berry Mint Ice Tea...

As it's extensively hot, I am just practically living on water, for a change drinking juices with sugar is not healthy too... Here is a drink without sugar and it's a perfect, energetic and healthy summer drink for you from my kitchen. 
For a glass..
2 Strawberries 
2 tbsp dried Cranberries 
1 tbsp dried Blue Berries 
Few Mint leaves
2 tbsp or more Honey as per your requirement..
1 cup Water
Pinch of Salt 
2 tbsp Lime juice
1 cup Leaker Tea ( Take a cup of hot water, add 1/4 tsp of tea leaves. Cover and keep for 2 minutes. Strain it.)

Take a pot. Add water, strawberries, cranberries, blue berries, few mint leaves and pinch of salt. Simmer it on medium heat till it reduces to 1/2 it's quantity. Cool it. Take a blender. Add the berry and mint decoction, leaker tea, honey, lime juice and ice. Blend it well. Pour it into a glass and enjoy the perfect, healthy and energetic drink.

P. S. You can also use fresh berries, if it is available.