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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Pan Mukhwas

Pan Mukhwas
How about digesting your food with some home made Pan Mukhwas....
I have Piper Betal leaves plant growing in my has medium size leaves and when eaten, it has a bit pungent after effect taste.  Few days back my husband chopped of some parts of the plant which was growing wild.. immediately I collected all the leaves.. dried it and made Pan Mukhwas.. very easy to make and tasty too... 

Approximately 100  Betal Leaves dried  and hand crushed 
1/2 cup Dry Rose petals 
1 cup Gulkand 
3 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Silver Sugar balls ( optional )
1/4 cup  Fennel Seeds roasted
1/4 cup Dhana Dal roasted
2 tbsp Poppy seeds roasted 
1/2 cup Shredded Dry Coconut
12 Dried Canned Sweet Cherries chopped 
12 Dried Canned Pineapple bites chopped
1/2 cup Coloured Sugar coated Fennel Seeds
6  whole Cardamon powder 
8 Clove powder 
1 small stick Cardamom powder
2 tsp Fennel seed powder

 In a big bowl, mix all the above ingredients very well with hand, gulkand should mix well with other ingredients and store in an airtight container in refrigerator, stays good for 2 months or more.