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Thursday 20 October 2016

Maccher Dopiaza / Fish Dopiaza....

Dopiaza means 2 onions. It is a  South-Asian Curry dish. This dish was accidentally innovated in the kitchen of Mugal Emperor Akbar. This dish is very popular in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and is adapted as per the communities living in that place. 
The onions are used in two stages. It is prepared with a large amount of onions, once caramelised and another with onion paste. This dish is usually made with non vegetarian ingredients mainly meat,but now a days vegetarian Dopiaza is also made. A souring agent is added to the dish.The other ingredients which are used are meat, onions, ginger and garlic paste, whole spices and powder spices. 

Here I have made Fish Dopiaza in Bangladeshi style. I have used Katla Fish. Any other fish like Rui, Prawns,Telapia,Bhetki can be used to make this dish. I have used tomatoes, but it can be replaced with curd or both can be used in equal proportion. 

8 pieces of Katla Fish marinated with 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder and Salt. 
1 tbsp Ginger - Garlic and Green Chilli paste 
1 small Onion paste
3 medium size Onions cut into thick sliced 
2 medium size Tomatoes cut into thick sliced or 1/2 cup Curd or 1 Tomato and 1/4 cup Curd 
2 Green Chillies silt
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp Cumin powder 
1/2 tsp Coriander powder 
1/4 tsp Garam Masala powder 
1/4 tsp Pepper powder 
1/4 tsp or more Red Chilli powder as required
1/2 tsp Sugar 
Salt to taste 
2 Cloves
1 Green Cardomom
1 small stick Cinnamon 
5 to 6 Peppercorn 
2 Bay leaves 
Mustard Oil for Frying the Fish 
4 tbsp Oil taken from the same oil in which the fish was fried 
or Ghee for the Gravy 

Take a pan, add oil and heat it till the smoking point. Reduce the heat. Fry the fish pieces till light golden brown in colour. Remove the fish pieces and keep it aside. Remove the excess oil from the pan leaving 3 tbsp of the oil or ghee can also be used. Add the cardomom, cinnamon, cloves and pepper corn. Sauté it till it crackles. Add the green chillies and bay leaves. Sauté it for another few seconds. Add the sliced onions, sauté it for a minute, add the sugar. Sauté it till the onions become pink in colour. Add the onion paste and ginger - garlic - chilli paste. Sauté it for 2 minutes till the masalas starts to separate from the oil. Add the turmeric powder, chilli powder, cumin powder,coriander powder, pepper powder, garam masala powder and salt. Stir and cook for a minute. Add the tomatoes or curd, stir and cook for 2 minutes till the tomatoes become mushy. Add a cup of water and let the gravy simmer for a minute. Arrange and place the fried fish in the gravy. Cover and cook for 2 minutes. Turn the fish pieces and cook for another 2 minutes. Serve it hot with hot steam rice or paratha. 

Saturday 23 July 2016

Garlicky Chilli Cottage Cheese and Veggies Stirred Fried....

Garlicy Chilli Cottage Cheese and Veggies Stirred Fried....

This is a vegetarian starter dish. I love this dish for its garlicy flavour and spiciness.

For the Sauce 
2 tbsp Soya sauce 
2 tbsp Green Chilli sauce
2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup 
2 tbsp Vinegar
2 tbsp Cornflour 
Salt to taste 
4 tbsp Water

Take a bowl and mix all the above ingredients together.

For the Stir Fried Cottage Cheese and Veggies..
500 grams Cottage Cheese cut into cubes 
2 Onions cut into cubes 
1 Green Capsicum cut into cubes 
1/2 Red Capsicum cut into cubes 
1/2 Yellow Capsicum cut into cubes 
2 tbsp Garlic minced 
6 Green Chillies cut lengthwise  
1/4 cup Water 
1/4 cup Oil

Take a wok. Heat the oil. Fry the cottage cheese in batches till brown in colour. Remove it from the oil and keep it aside on an absorbent paper. Keep 2 tbsp of oil in the wok and remove the excess oil out. In the same oil add the garlic. Stir fry it for 1 minute. Add the onion. Stir fry it till the onions are translucent. Add the capsicum and green chillies. Stir it for 2 minutes. Add the Cottage cheese. Stir it and cook for 2 minutes on high flame. Add the sauce. Stir it for another 1 minute. Add the water, stir fry it on full flame till the sauce incoperated with the veggies and cottage cheese well.  Serve it hot as a starter.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Chickpea and Cottage Cheese Salad with Raw Mango and Coriander Chutney Dressing...

Chickpea and Cottage Cheese Salad with Raw Mango and Coriander Chutney Dressing...
This salad has an Indian touch made with green raw mango and coriander leaves chutney with a drizzle of mustard oil for flavour.... This can be served as a vegetarian starter dish.

For the Dressing
1 small bunch of Coriander leaves chopped
1 small Raw Mango chopped
2 Green chillies
1 small piece Ginger sliced
Salt to taste

Take a grinder and add coriander leaves, green chillies, raw mango, ginger and salt. Grind it into a paste. 

For the Salad
2 cups of boiled Chickpeas
1 cup of Cottage Cheese cut into small pieces
2 Cucumber cut into small cubes
2 Tomatoes cut into small cubes
1 Onion chopped
Few Coriander leaves chopped
1 tbsp Lime Juice
Green Chutney
Salt to taste
2 tbsp Mustard Oil

Take a bowl. Add the chickpeas,  cottage cheese, onion, tomato, cucumber and coriander leaves. Mix it.  Add the salt and lime juice. Mix it. Add the green chutney and mustard oil. Mix it. This salad can be served as a vegetarian starter. 

Sunday 3 July 2016

Piyaz Ki Kachori

Piyaz Ki Kachori 
It is a popular roadside dish of Rajasthan. Off let lots of post on piyaz ki kachori took me back to the time when I use to visit Kota. Me and my sister in law use to go for marketing. So after our shopping was over, we made it a point to eat piyaz ki kachori. It was served with chutneys, curd, chaat masala and sev. Extremely popular and delicious..

For the Stuffing 
2 cups Onions finely chopped 
2 Green chilli chopped 
1 tsp Garlic chopped 
1/4 tsp Nigella seeds 
1/4  tsp Fennel seeds 
1/4 tsp Carom seeds 
1/4 tsp Coriander powder 
1 tsp Lime juice 
2 tbsp Besan
1 tsp Coriander powder
1/2 tsp Chilli powder
1/4 Garam Masala powder 
1/4 tsp Asafoetida 
Salt to tate 
2 tsp Oil 
Few Coriander leaves chopped

Take oil in a pan, let it heat. Add the nigella seeds, fennel seeds, carom, coriander seeds. Let it crackle. Add onions, garlic and green chillies. Sauté and cook the onions till light brown. Add asafoetida, salt, coriander powder, chilli powder, garam masala powder. Stir and mix it. Add the lime juice, stir and mix it, add the besan and mix it well stirring it for 2 minutes. Add coriander leaves, mix it. 
For The Dough
2 1/2 cup All Purpose Flour 
Salt to taste
3 tbsp Ghee
Cold water as required 

Take mixing bowl, add salt, ghee and flour. Mix it well. Add water as required into the flour and knead it into a hard dough. Keep it covered for 30 minutes. 
Make equal portions of the dough. 

To make the Kachoris
Oil for frying 

Take a portion of the dough, knead it well. Roll the dough into round disc. Take 2 tsp stuffing and add it into the center of the circle. Seal the dough from the edges properly. Flatten the dough and roll it lightly once more around 4 inch. Heat oil. Keep it on low flame.  Fry the kachori on a low medium flame fry till it become golden and crispy. Take out on an absorbent paper. Serve the kachori hot with some coriander chutney, tamarind chutney or sauce.