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Thursday 4 May 2023

Bel er Panna


Bel er Panna / Stone Apple drink from Bengal.. 

There are many Stone Apple and Wood Apple Trees in Tadoba.. the fruits from the tree had fallen and we managed to get some of the wood apples and got one stone apple during the Jungle Safari.. given to us by one of the forest authority… 

Many people get confused between both the fruits… but both are totally different in texture and taste.. the wood apple is sour and the shell of the wood apple is rough, whereas the stone apple is sweet and the shell is smooth. The wood apple is used to make Chutney and Achhar.. the stone apple is use to make sweet Sharbot and Panna - summer drinks and murabba. 

The stone apple is very good for stomach and is very cooling for summers… 

Here is a recipe for the summer drink… 


1 Stone Apple 

1 cup Curd

2 to 3 tbsp or more Sugar as per the sweetness 

1/2 tsp Black Salt

1 cup Water


Break the stone apple into half, scoop out the pulp, take a bowl, add the pulp and a cup of water… mash the pulp well with water, remove the seeds and fibre from the pulp…. Take a blender, add the pulp, curd, sugar and black salt… blend until the sugar dissolves and all the ingredients have blended well together… the summer drink is ready.. add ice to serve or keep it in the fridge, cool the drink to enjoy…