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Saturday 24 February 2018

Eggless Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcakes Center filled withStrawberryJam...


We all enjoy cupcakes and cakes at some point of time. I prefer making them at home. This cupcakes are delicious in taste... I have used strawberry as this is the fruit of the season. These can be severed at any point of the day. These makes a perfect lunch box serving for children to carry it to school. 

3 cups All Purpose Flour + 1 cup of Wheat Flour mixed together 
1/2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Soda bicarbonate 
1 cup Caster Sugar 
2 tsp Vanilla Essence 
1 Mashed Banana 
1/4 cup Curd
1/2 cup Condensed Milk
150 Ml Oil
500 ml + 1/4 cup Milk 
1 cup Strawberry Pulp
1/2 cup Strawberry Jam 
2 tbsp Almond Flakes 


Take a mixing bowl. Add sugar, condensed milk, banana, curd and oil. Beat it well till all the ingredients are well  incorporated. Add the vanilla essence, 1 cup flour, 125 ml milk and salt. Beat it well. Add another 1 cup flour and 125 ml milk, beat it well. Keep repeating the process twice more till all the flour and 500 Ml milk is used up. Add the baking powder and soda bicarbonate. Beat it once more. Divide the batter into 2 parts. Now add the strawberry pulp into one part of the batter and 1/4 cup milk into another part of the batter. Beat both the batters. Take a 12 mould cupcake cavity tray. Place a cupcake liner in each cavity. Pour 2 tbsp of the strawberry batter in each liner. Now add 1/2 tsp strawberry jam in the center of the batter. Now top it up with 2 tbsp Vanilla batter. Add few almond flakes on top. Bake it in a pre heated oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 180 degree celsius. Insert a tooth pick to check. If done, then remove the cupcakes from the oven. Remove the cupcakes  from the cavities. Let it cool completely on the cooling rack before enjoying it. 

Friday 14 April 2017

Cool Berry Mint Ice Tea...

As it's extensively hot, I am just practically living on water, for a change drinking juices with sugar is not healthy too... Here is a drink without sugar and it's a perfect, energetic and healthy summer drink for you from my kitchen. 
For a glass..
2 Strawberries 
2 tbsp dried Cranberries 
1 tbsp dried Blue Berries 
Few Mint leaves
2 tbsp or more Honey as per your requirement..
1 cup Water
Pinch of Salt 
2 tbsp Lime juice
1 cup Leaker Tea ( Take a cup of hot water, add 1/4 tsp of tea leaves. Cover and keep for 2 minutes. Strain it.)

Take a pot. Add water, strawberries, cranberries, blue berries, few mint leaves and pinch of salt. Simmer it on medium heat till it reduces to 1/2 it's quantity. Cool it. Take a blender. Add the berry and mint decoction, leaker tea, honey, lime juice and ice. Blend it well. Pour it into a glass and enjoy the perfect, healthy and energetic drink.

P. S. You can also use fresh berries, if it is available.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Spicy and Salty Strawberry Cookies

 This cookies are spicy and salty in taste. Instead of water, I have used strawberry pulp. It is perfect to have them with your evening tea or just to munch on. 
225 grams All Purpose Flour 
75 ml Strawberry pulp
1 Green chilli minced 
1 tbsp Pickled Red Jalapeno Chilli Chopped 
1 tbsp Mint leaves minced 
1 tsp Roasted Cumin seeds crushed 
1 tbsp Sugar powder 
Rock Salt as per taste 
110 grams Butter 
40 ml Oil

Beat the butter well. Add the flour and mix it, till it forms crumbs. Add the strawberry pulp and oil. Beat it well. Add the salt, sugar, cumin, mint leaves and green chilli. Beat it again. Add the red chillies and mix it. Take a big star nozzle and a piping bag. Fill the cookie mixture in the piping bag and pipe out small cookies on a baking tray. Bake at 170 degrees celcius for 15 to 20 minutes. Let it cool completely before eating. Store it in an air tight container.

Thursday 21 July 2016

Eggless Black Forest Cake

Eggless Black Forest Cake...

It  is made with Chocolate Sponge cake, Strawberry jam, Whipped cream, Chocolate shavings and Cherries. It is soft and moist. Have it chilled. 

For Moist Chocolate  Sponge Cake (Eggless)
115 grams Self Raising Flour
2 tbsp Coco powder
200 grams Condensed Milk
60 grams Butter Melted 
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Soda bi carb
100 ml Club Soda 


Melt the butter and keep it aside. Add the flour, coco powder, soda bi carb and baking powder and mix it. Take the condensed milk, add the flour little at a time and beat it. Add the butter and beat it in one direction. Add the club soda little at a time and mix it till the batter is thick and is of dropping consistency and the batter has a glossy look. Take a square tin. Grease the tin. Pour the batter in the tin. The batter should fill 1/2 the tin. Bake in a pre heated oven for 30 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. To check the cake insert a tooth pick. If the comes out smooth then the cake is done. Cool the cake completely on a cooling rack.  

For the Black Forest Cake
Chocolate sponge cake
2 cups of chilled Whipping Cream
1/4 cup Icing sugar
1 tsp Vanilla essence
4 tbsp Strawberry Jam
4 tbsp Water
1 cup Chocolate shavings
10 glazed Cherries


Cut the cake in to half. Take 1 tbsp of Strawberry jam and 4 tbsp water and mix it. Take a steel mixing bowl. Add the whipping cream. Beat it till it forms a soft peak. Add vanilla essence and icing sugar. Beat it well till it forms a proper peak. Take one slice of the cake. Sprinkle half of the strawberry jam water mix on the cake. Spread the whipped cream and then spread the jam. Take the other slice of the cake. Sprinkle the remaining strawberry jam water on the cake. Place the cake slice on the strawberry jam. Now with the rest of the whipped cream cover the cake. Refrigerate the cake for 10 minutes. Put the second layer of whipped cream on the cake. Decorate the cake with the chocolate shavings. Decorate the outer rim of the cake with the whipped cream with the help of a nozzle. Add the glazed cherries. Chill the cake before serving.

Monday 14 March 2016

Strawberry Mojito (Mocktail)

Strawberry Mojito (Mocktail)
Absolutely refreshing drinks to beat the Summer Heat... 

Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball.
Traditionally, a mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. The original Cuban recipe uses spearmint or yerba buena, a mint variety very popular. It is a combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus, and mint flavors is intended to complement the potent kick of the rum, and has made this a popular summer drink.The cocktail has a relatively low alcohol content. When preparing a mojito, lime juice is added to sugar (or syrup) and mint leaves. The mixture is then gently mashed with a muddler. The mint leaves should only be bruised to release the essential oils and should not be shredded.Then rum is added and the mixture is briefly stirred to dissolve the sugar and to lift the mint leaves up from the bottom for better presentation. The drink is finally topped with crushed ice and sparkling soda water. Mint leaves and lime wedges are used to garnish the glass.
Net Resource 

Here I have made a Mocktail Fruity Strawberry Mojito... Absolutely refreshing... 

4 Frozen Strawberries slices
Handful of Mint Leaves  
1 Lime cut into slices 
4 tbsp Sugar + 1/2 glass water mixed
1 tsp Chat Masala
Chilled Club Soda

Take a tall glass, add the sugar syrup, strawberries, 2 lime slices ( keeping the centre pieces for garnishing), few mint leaves (keep few for garnishing) and chat masala. Mash the mixture with the muddler. Take 2 tall glasses, pour 1/2 the mixture in one glass and the rest into another glass. Pour the club soda, take few mint leaves and add it in the drink and garnish with lime slices.

Sunday 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine with Chocolate Strawberry Rose Cupcake...

Happy Valentine with Chocolate Strawberry Rose Cupcake...
Humorous Anniversary...❤️❤️
It was a small funny incident which happened 2 years back on my anniversary day, I had just woken up from my sleep, I saw my husband walking in side the room towards me, trying to tell me some thing and he was very excited.  I was in my own world. There was a big bunch in his hand which I though was a big bunch of roses, I very happily went to take it from in his hand and was wondering that in 18 years of our married life he never got me any surprise gifts, how come today he got roses that too early in the morning... I became very... very happy.  But no, it was not roses,  it was a big bunch of fenugreek leaves and spring onions which he had picked up on the way back after dropping our daughter to school. He wanted me to make Meethi Aloo for lunch... He loves to shop for vegetables and he loves to eat... So for Valentine's Day Strawberry roses for him...

Chocolate Strawberry Rose Cupcake
Strawberry filling
5 medium size strawberries  sliced
1/4  cup Sugar
1 tbsp Cornstarch mixed with 1 tbsp Water

Put the  strawberries in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir constantly and cook for 5 minutes,  then add the sugar and cornstarch mix. Stir  4 to 5 minutes more until mixture thicken slightly. Remove from heat and allow it to cool.
Chocolate Strawberry Rose Cupcake  
1 cup All purpose Flour
2 tbsp Coco powder
1/2 cup Powder Sugar
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Baking powder
1/2 tsp Baking soda
1/2 cup Oil
2 tsp Vanilla extract
1 cup Milk + 1 tbsp Vinegar ( Mix)
1/2 cup Curd + 1/2 cup Milk ( Mix )
Any Frosting
6 Strawberry Roses
1 tbsp of Golden Sugar sprinkles

In a large bowl sieve together flour, coco, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Keep it aside. Take oil and sugar. Beat it well till the sugar in cooperates with the oil. Add vanilla essence and Milk vinegar OR Milk Curd. Beat it once more. Add the flour mix 1/2 cup  at a time and beat it until  you get a thick batter. If the batter is too thick then add 1 or 2 tbsp milk. The batter should be thick dropping consistency. Arrange the cupcake liners. Fill in 2/3 rd of the cup cake liners. Bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes or till done. Insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean it is done. Cool the cupcake completely. Make a hole in each cupcake in the centre  and spoon the strawberry filling in each. Pipe the frosting on the cupcakes. Decorate with strawberry rose and some golden sprinkles.

Monday 1 February 2016

Frozen Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Crust Pie

Frozen Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Crust Pie 

To make the Chocolate Crust
1 bowl of Chocolate Cookie 
3 tbsp Melted Butter 

Add the chocolate cookies and the butter in a grinder and grind it into powder. Add the crumbs  into bottom of a 9" pie tin. Spread and press the crumbs evenly. Bake for 10 minutes at 180 degrees celcius in a preheated oven. Let cool. Add the pie filling.

For the Pie filling 
10 Strawberries cut into slices
5 whole Strawberries cleaned 
Few Mint leaves 
 2 cups Cottage Cheese Crumbs 
1/4 cup Cream
1/2 cup Condensed Milk 
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence 
1/2 kg Vanilla Icecream  

In a blender, add the cottage cheese, vanilla essence, cream, whole strawberries and condensed milk. Blend it till smooth. Pour the mixture on the crust and spread it evenly. Scoop the vanilla Icecream on the top of the cottage cheese mixture. Spread it evenly. Decorated the top with sliced strawberries and mint leaves. Chill it in the freezer for 4 hours. Before cutting keep it out for 2 minutes.