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Monday 10 May 2021

Home Style Spicy Chicken and Veggie Stewed Noodles

Summers are really hot and entering the kitchen is like a punishment... I love to cook one pot meal or something really quick in summers.  Here is a brunch dish which is very easy to make, wholesome and tasty.. any vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini, baby corn, carrots, coloured capsicums can be added. 
Instead of chicken, tofu. sprouted mung beans or prawn can be used. 

1 Packet of Hakka Noodles 
Few pieces of boneless Chicken cut into small cubes 
1 or 2 Boiled Eggs cut into halves 
1 medium size Onion cut into cubes 
1 medium size Tomato, seeds discarded cut into cubes 
2 to 3 Mushrooms cut into halves 
4 to 5 Green Chillies slit into halves 
3 to 4 medium size Garlic cloves chopped 
1 small piece of ginger grated 
Few chopped garlic leaves or spring onion leaves 
Salt to taste 
1/4 tsp Pepper powder 
1 1/2 cup Chicken or Vegetable Stock 
1 tbsp Soya Sauce
2 tbsp Tomato Ketchup 
1 tbsp Red Chilli Sauce 
1 tbsp Sesame Oil 

Take a pot, add oil, add the chopped garlic and grated ginger , sauté for few seconds. Add the chicken cubes and sprinkle some salt, stir and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes, add the vegetables - mushrooms, onion, tomato and green chillies. Stir and sauté for a minute on full flame. Add 1 cup of water, let the water simmer, add the pepper powder, soya sauce, tomato ketchup and chilli sauce. Add the chicken stock. Break the haka noodles into 3 parts, add the Hakka noodles in the simmering  liquid, let the noodles cook until it’s soft, Switch off the flame, before serving garnish it with garlic leaves or spring onion leaves and eggs. 

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Chicken with Veggies Lemon Coriander Soup


Not feeling well, seasonal changes can some times make you sick, no problem enjoy this hot homemade soup that will enhance the taste buds and at the same time it’s healthy. 
For vegetarian’s - exclude the chicken and add the vegetable stock. Directly sauté the vegetables for few seconds. 

1 small chunk of Boneless Chicken cut into thin strips 
1/4 cup of mix vegetables finely chopped - Carrot, Beans, any colour Capsicum, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilli and onion 
Few stems of coriander along with the leaves chopped finely
Juice of 1/2 Lemon or more as per the taste 
Salt to taste 
1/2 cup Rice Flour slurry - 6 tbsp of rice flour mixed in water 
1/2 Chicken Stock cube 
1/4 tsp Pepper Powder or as much required 
1/2 tsp Soy Sauce 
1 tsp Sesame Oil

In a pot add the sesame oil, add the chicken strips and sauté until the chicken changes its colour. Add 1/2 cup water along with the chicken cube. Boil the chicken for 5 minutes. Except for the coriander and lemon, add all the vegetables and 1 1/2 cup of water. Let the vegetables cook for a minute on high flame. Add salt and pepper. Stir and add the rice slurry, lemon juice, soy sauce and coriander leaves. Stir and let the soup cook simmer until it thickens. Garnish the soup with pepper powder. Serve it hot. 

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Moroccan style Lemon Butter Chicken Chickpea Soup..

Moroccan style Lemon Butter Chicken Chickpea Soup..

It is very easy to make and taste great. It's a wholesome meal made with vegetables, chicken and chickpeas and served with Moroccan  Bread...

1 bowl Boneless Chicken breast pieces 
1/2 cup Boiled Chickpeas 
1 small size Onion finely chopped 
1 small size Potato diced 
1 small size Carrot diced 
2 Bay leaves 
3 tbsp Cilantro / Coriander leaves chopped 
1/4 cup Spinach chopped 
1 tsp Garlic chopped 
1 cup Chicken stock
5 cups of Water 
1 tbsp Lime juice 
2 tbsp + 1/2 tsp Butter Or Olive oil 
Salt to taste 
1 tsp Pepper powder 
1 tsp Cumin powder 
1 small stick Cinnamon 
1 Star Anise

Take a pot, add 2 tbsp butter / Olive oil. Let it melt. Add onion, cinnamon stick, star anise, garlic and bay leaves. Saute it for 2 minutes.  Add carrot, chickpea  and  potato.  Sauté for 1 minute. Add chicken pieces, stir it for 2 minutes. Add the salt, cumin powder and pepper. Stir it for a minute. Add chicken stock and water. Stir it, cook for 10-12 minutes on low flame. Add the spinach and cilantro. Cook for 3 minutes. Add lime juice and 1/2 tsp butter/ Olive oil.  Serve with Moroccan Bread.

Morracan Bread....
Please click on the link for the recipe. . .

Thursday 1 October 2015

Aloo Gosht ka Shorba

Aloo Gosht ka Shorba
500 grams Mutton
1 Onion grated
1 Tomato grated
2 Potato cut into cubes
1 tbsp Garlic paste
1/2 tsp Ginger paste
1/2 tsp Tumeric powder
1 tsp Coriander powder
1/2 tsp Chilli powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala powder
1/4 tsp Pepper powder
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp Cumin seeds
1 Bay Leaf
1 Red Dry Chilli
2 tbsp Curd
1/4 cup Fresh Mint Leaves
2 tsp of Oil
1/4 tbsp Ghee

In a pressure cook heat oil, add cumin seeds and 1 red chilli and 1 bay leaf, let the cumin seeds crackle. Add the onion, garlic and ginger paste, stir for few seconds till it changes its colour.
Add the mutton pieces and saute for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the tomato, curd, turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala powder and the salt. On a low flame stir and cook the mutton for 5 minutes till the masala incoperates well with the mutton. Add 1 cup of water and pressure cook and give 2 whistles. Let the pressure release. Open the cooker, add the potatoes, mint leaves keeping few leaves for garnishing and 4 cups of water.Pressure cook and give another 3 to 4 whistles or till the mutton is cooked. Let the pressure release, open the cooker and add the ghee, pepper and few mint leaves for garnishing. Have it hot.

Thursday 24 September 2015

Chicken, Carrot, Leek, Asparagus and Cucmber Clear Soup

Chicken, Carrot, Leek, Asparagus and Cucmber Clear Soup


5 pieces of Chicken with bones

1 Carrot diced

3 Asparagus cut into pieces 

1 small Cucumber diced

1 Leek cut into pieces

1/4 tsp Ginger grated

1/4 tsp Garlic grated

1/4 tsp Onion paste

1/4 tsp Tomato paste 

1/2 tsp Apple Vinegar 

1/2 tsp Soya sauce

Salt to taste 

1/4 tsp Pepper powder 

Few drops of Sesame oil

1/2 tsp Chives minced


Take a pot. Add the vegetables and chicken in 8 cups water. Boil it on low flame for 30 minutes. Add the grated ginger, garlic, onion paste, tomato paste, vinegar,  salt, pepper powder and soya sauce. Boil for 15 to 20 minutes more till all the flavors incoperates well... 

Serve hot with a drizzle few drops of  sesame oil and minced chives on top.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Healthy Paya Soup

Healthy Paya Soup
6 pieces of Paya
2 Tomatoes chopped
1 big Onion chopped
3 Garlic cloves chopped
1/2 cup Spinach chopped
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp Chilli powder
1/2 tsp Pepper powder
1/2 tsp Cumin powder
1/2 tsp Coriander powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala powder
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Lime juice
2 tbsp Coriander Leaves for Garnishing

Take a big pressure cooker. Add all the ingredients except lime juice and coriander leaves. Add 8 cups of water. Pressure cook it on slow flame. Give 10 to 12 whistles... Let the pressure release and simmer for 15 minutes on or more till the payas  are tender on slow flame. Add lime juice and coriander leaves... Serve it hot with Pav.

Saturday 11 July 2015

Yogurt Soup

Yogurt Soup
Yogurt soup  sometimes known as yayla çorbası, it is a meal of Turkish cuisine. This soup is cooked with a variety of herbs rice or chickpeas whatever is available... 

2 tbsp Rice
5 cups Water
3/4 cups Yogurt
1 Egg 
1 tbsp All purpose Flour
1 tbsp Butter
2 tsp Dried Mint OR 1 tbsp finely chopped fresh Mint
1/2 tsp Red chilli flakes
Salt to taste

Boil rice in 5 cups of water with salt until very, very soft. In a bowl,add egg and flour and whisk it well, then add yogurt and whisk it again. Add 1-2 tbsp water lighten up this mixture. Put the yogurt mix in a pot, cook it on very low flame to above curdling. Cook on low heat for approximately 15 minutes and keep stirring. Slowly pour in rice along with water into the soup. Keep stirring. First let the soup boil on medium heat and then lower the flame, cook for another 10 minutes. Heat butter in a pan. Once it sizzles, add mint and chilli flakes, stir for few seconds. Pour it into the soup. Serve it hot. 

Saturday 27 June 2015

Crab Rasam

Crab Rasam

Rasam masala to grind
2 tsp Coriander seeds 
1 tsp Pepper corns
1 tsp Cumin seeds 
1 tsp Fennel seeds 
2 Dry red chillies 
1/2 Onion chopped 
4 Garlic cloves 
Roast the Spices. Add onion, garlic and roast Spices in a grinder. Grinde the masala in to paste. 

To make Crab Rasam
8 Crab legs
6 Crab Shell
1 chopped Tomato
2 Garlic crushed
1 Onion chopped
1/4 tsp Mustard seeds
Few Curry leaves
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Oil
1/2 tsp Tamarind paste
1/2 tsp  Turmeric Powder
 1 tbsp chopped Coriander Leaves

Take a pot. Add the crab shell, legs and 4 cups of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes, take out the crab shells and discard it. Then add salt, turmeric powder, tamarind paste and masala paste. Let it boil. Meanwhile in a pan pour oil, add the mustard seeds and curry leaves and let it crackle. Add the chopped onions and tomato and garlic and sort for about 2 to 4 minutes. Add the seasoning to the rasam and let it boil for 10 minutes or the rasam has cooked. Sprinkle coriander leaves for garnishing.