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Friday 2 August 2019

Review - Ishaara

Ishaara is a newly launched modern Indian family restaurant at Palladium Mall Lower Parel started by Prashant Issar and Anuj Shah. As you enter the restaurant, the cheerful staff welcomes you with a beautiful smile on their faces and leads you to your table. The name of the restaurant says it all ‘Ishaara’. It’s a restaurant with a difference. Most of the service staff here communicates in sign languages with the customers. The restaurant hires differently able people and trains them in restaurant hospitality and provides them jobs at this restaurant. Though they have speech and impairment problems, they are people with great performance, wonderful gesture, always passionate and happy. Over all it’s was fun and a new level of experience interacting with the staff.
The teak furnitures and the lovely interiors makes the place looks very pleasant and lively. It’s an environmentally friendly place as you see lots of plants around. This place uplifts your mood.

The restaurant serves experimental, traditional Indian comforting and delicious food from across the regions with a contemporary look.

Chef’s Tasting Menu - Non Vegetarian 
This Tasting review was arranged by the The Nomad Foodie... 

To being with, we were served some Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian starters.

Sweet Potato Brûlée - The Sweet Potato were roasted and served with yogurt - the Chaat style which enhanced the flavours of the dish.

Chole Keema Samosa - This combination dish was to die for. It’s was amazing. The chole was well cooked with flavours of the Khada masala.

Tandoori Broccoli - The broccoli was well cooked and it was well accompanied with Creme Fraiche.

Dungar Chicken Tikka - The chicken was soft and it went well with the garlic yogurt and the sesame and curry patta powder chutney.

Sago Tikki - The sago tikki was stuffed with red cabbage. It was delicious, but the previous dishes over powered this dish.

The starters were followed by the main course.

Calicut King Fish Curry - The fish curry was delicious and a bowl of steamed rice is the perfect combination with the fish. 

Goan Green Chicken Curry - The chicken was well cooked and delicious.

Dal Havile - Out of the world. It was well cooked and the texture was creamy. The flavours of the masala was well blended in the dal. You can see the ghee on the dal that enhanced the taste more. 

Kashmiri Tehari - The dish was flavourful and delicious.

The main dishes were accompanied with Naan and Rogani Roti.

After all the good food, it has to be dessert..

Lemon and Pistachio Tart - The dessert was absolutely refreshing and delicious.

Gajar Halwa Crumbs was served complimentary. It was delicious and less sweet.

The best part is that you can parcel the leftovers. So zero wastage on food.
To enjoy some good things in life, you must visit this restaurant to experience the pleasant ambience and delicious food.

The Nomad foodie group left the venue satisfied and happy.

Enjoy the video of Ishaara

Sunday 7 July 2019

Review - YOUnion


Youth Has No Age’.  This quote by Pablo Picasso caught my sight as I entered the restaurant. I absolutely believe this should be the mantra of life. 
 YOUnion is a newly launched restaurant in town by none other than Zorawar Kalra at Kamla Mills Mumbai. 
After I entered the new generation neon restaurant, there was this attractive table, which was been set. There were all  kinds of colourful drinks which were served in weird attractive drinkware. With smile on their face the people at the restaurant claimed that there are around 200 types of drinks that they serve at the restaurant. Skulls, helmets, disco balls, briefcase, Cinderella glass slippers were some of the props that were converted into drinkware. 


Further getting into the space, and greeting our TNF team members, our first drink was served. Though I don’t drink, that day I was all prepared. One after the other different types of drinks were served along with tasty  tit-bits. 

Chef Momin 

Along with the flow of drinks and food, the tempo of laughter and enjoyment also took a level higher. To add on to the enjoyment and to make the ambience more cheerful and lively there were people dressed up as avengers. We all were in high spirits. 

I had couple of drinks and loved each and every drink that was served. My favourite were Litchi sake, Strawberry daiquiri, Quick blow job, Southern spice.... there are some more but lost track of the names... 😅 you can imagine after couple of shots. The concept of Community Drink was mind blowing. It was a great experience to see the drinks served in briefcase, helmet and disco balls. 

Disco Ball used a prop for the Community Drink 

Darth Vader  Helmet used as a prop to serve the Community drink 

Community Drinking from a Briefcase 

Delicious beautifully plated food too started to fill the table one after the other along with the drinks. Some of my favourite starters were Chana Koliwada, Crispy Panko coated Mussels, Hara Bhara Candy Kabab, Vegetarian Momo, Tandoori Chicken Momo, Veg and Non Veg Dim Sum, Garlic and Cheese Pizza, Ghee Roast and a dish with broccoli. At the end not to miss out on the delicious desserts.

Chana Koliwada 

Panko coated Mussels 

Hara Bhara Candy Kabab

Veg Momo 

Tandoori Chicken Momo 

Stirred Fried Broccoli and Water Chestnut  

Kandi Gosht 

Butter Chicken Pizza 

Cheese Chilli Pizza 

Shiitake and Prawn Dim Sum

Texas French Fries  

Mutton Ghee Roast

Misal Pav 

Cheese Cake 


I was very lucky to have won a contest held by The Nomad Foodie and was invited by them. I am very thankful to Suprio - The Nomad Foodie. 

Photo Credit - The Nomad Foodie 

YOUnion has indeed very well incorporated the mantra of life ‘Youth Has No Age’.