Sunday, 8 January 2017

Orange and Beetroot Jam...

Jam and Jelly making is so much fun. More over it is  home made and without any preservatives added. Only we should know the right time to remove it from the flame. If undercooked it will not set and if overcooked it might be then difficult to use it.

This jam can be used for applying on breads and also can be eaten with parathas and rotis. 
It is an experiment in my kitchen. 

2 cups Orange juice (strained through a muslin cloth)
2 tbsp Lime juice 
1 cup of Water 
1 small Beetroot grated and excess juice squeezed out 
2 cups Sugar 
2 pinches of Salt 

In a heavy bottomed pot, add sugar, water, lime juice and salt. Stir and let the sugar dissolve on low flame. Add the orange juice. Stirring it occasionally let the orange juice simmer on low flame. Take a fine skimmer and keep clearing  the scum at the top. Also keep clearing the sides of the pot. Let the juice reduce and thickens up, add the grated beetroot and let it continue to simmer. To check if the jam is ready, take a small steel plate, keep it in the fridge and cool it. Take the plate and pour 1/4 tsp of the jam, if the jam starts to set then it is done. Cool it a bit. Take a clean glass bottle and pour the jam in the bottle and let it set in the bottle. Enjoy it with bread, roti or paratha.

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