Thursday, 11 July 2019

Kalo Jam Makha (Jamun / Black Plum Mashed)

This recipe takes me back to my childhood days. Every year as a little kid, religiously every summer my mother and myself would visit my Uncle’s place (Mamar Bari) in Kolkata. Across my Uncle’s house there was a big Kalo Jam tree that use to be loaded with Kalo Jam which belonged to a family staying there. Every afternoon after our lunch affair was over, I use to visit their house to play with their 3 girls and eat Kalo Jam Makha. It was fun collecting the Kalo Jams. It’s a rustic dish but so delicious and mouthwatering. We also make this similar dish with raw mangoes. Peel the raw mango, cut it into cubes, add all the same ingredients give below, also add red chilli powder, sugar and Kashundi. Crush the mango in a mortar. I really feel sad that these simple rustic recipes are getting extinct with our new generation. I am sure all of us will have some stories to share of such dishes. 

15 to 20 Kalo Jam / Jambun / Black plums
2 or more Green Chillies chopped 
Salt to taste or black salt and salt mix
1/2  tsp Mustard oil

Take all the above ingredients and mash it well. You can mash it with a help of a spoon, but best to use your fingers. 
It’s simply divine. 
Mustard oil is optional, but I love it with mustard oil as it enhances the taste. 

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