Friday, 17 April 2020

Kolkata Style Egg Roll

It’s one of the most popular street food of Kolkata. Well when we visit any of the shops for an egg roll... you need to tell them double dim (egg) or single dimer egg roll... it’s made with flaky Egg Paratha assembled with some vegetable, sauce and seasoning. This makes a great snacks or an early evening meal on the days you are lazy to cook an elaborate meal, specially this recipe is appropriate for this lock down situation. We can make this easily at home. For the flaky Paratha, the dough is made with All Purpose Flour, salt, oil and water. The flour is kneaded into a semi hard dough. Normally when I make this at home, I make this with normal whole wheat dough. 

To make One Single Dimer Roll 
1 Lemon size portion of the whole wheat dough 
1 Egg beaten with pinch of Salt 
3/4 tsp Oil 
Some slices of Onion
Some long strips of Cucumber 
Few chopped Green Chillies 
Few chopped Coriander leaves 
A big pinch of Chaat masala and Black salt Seasoning 
1 1/2 tsp Tomato Ketchup 
1 1/2 tsp Kasundi or Mustard Sauce

Roll out the dough, place the rolled dough on the hot skillet, cook the roti well from both the sides, put 1/4 of the oil on the roti and continue to cook till it’s cooked from both the sides. Remove the roti, pour the remaining oil, pour the beaten egg and cook the egg for few seconds, place the roti on the egg, continue to cook till the egg and the roti is done. Place the egg roti on the flat surface. Now to assemble, place the slices of onion, cucumber, chilli and coriander leaves on the egg roti. Sprinkle some Chaat masala and black salt seasoning, drizzle with tomato ketchup and Kasundi or mustard sauce. The roll is wrapped in a butter paper or a kitchen tissue paper. 

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