Wednesday 2 August 2017


On the way to Shantiniketan in West Bengal, you will cross Shaktigarh. This place is known to be the birth place of Langchas.
Langcha is a sweetdish which is made with cottage cheese mixed with other ingredients. It is long cylindrical in shape. It is deep fried till a darkish brown crust is formed and then it is  dipped in sugar syrup till it becomes soft and juicy. 
I have used a food processor to blend the ingredients together, but the actual process is to knead it with the help of your palm.

Thin Sugar Syrup
1 cup Sugar
2 cups Water


In a pot add the sugar and water, let it simmer till the sugar dissolves. Keep it aside.

Thick Sugar Syrup
2 1/2  cups Sugar
1 cup Sugar

In a pot add the sugar and water, let it simmer till the sugar dissolves. Let it boil and switch off the flame just before the one string consistency. Keep it aside.

To make the Langcha
300 grams Cottage Cheese
100 grams Khoya / Mawa
1/4 cup Rice Flour
1/2 cup All Purpose Flour (AFP)
1/4 tsp Nutmeg powder
1/2 tsp Cardomom powder 
2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Soda bicarbonate
1/2 tsp Ghee
Thin Syrup
Thick syrup
Oil to fry the Langcha

Add the cottage cheese, khoya, rice flour, apf, nutmeg powder, cardomom powder, sugar and soda bicarbonate in a food processor and blend it till all the ingredients are blended well. Remove the mixture on a plate and knead it. If you feel that the dough is too soft to handle then add a tbsp of apf or more and knead it. Apply ghee on your palm and knead it, till a soft dough is form. Divide the dough into equal portions. Take a portion, apply oil on the palm and give it a long cylindrical shape. Take oil in a wok, heat it. On a low flame fry the langchas till darkish brown in colour. Keep stirring the langchas while frying to get uniform colour on the langchas. Remove the langchas from the oil and drop them into the thin syrup and let it soak for 20 minutes. Then remove the langchas and soak them in the thick syrup for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes serve it. 

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