Sunday, 28 August 2016


This is a very famous sweet from Bengal. Chitrakoot is made from cottage cheese,  flour, semolina, khoya, sugar and baking powder. It is first deep fried in ghee or oil and then submerged in the sugar syrup and after that rolled with milk powder and caster sugar. 

For Chitrakoot.....
100 grams Home made Cottage cheese (water completely squeezed out )
25 grams Khoya 
10 grams All Purpose Flour 
5 grams of each All Purpose Flour and Semolina 
5 grams Sugar 
2 Pinches of Baking powder 
Ghee or Oil for frying 
For the Sugar Syrup....
100 grams Sugar 
100 ml Water 
1/4 tsp Milk Powder to sprinkle
Little Caster Sugar  to sprinkle 

Take the cottage cheese, khoya, 5 grams sugar, all purpose flour and baking powder in a plate. Knead all the ingredients together until a soft dough is form. Divide the dough into 6 lemon size equal balls. Flatten the balls and shape it into square or diamond shape. Heat the oil in a pan. Fry the chitrakoots until brown in colour. Mean while take a pot and add sugar and water to make a one string sugar syrup. After the chitrakoots are fried dip it into the sugar syrup for an hour. Remove it from the syrup, arrange the Chitrakoots in a plate. Sprinkle milk powder and caster sugar on top. 

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