Friday, 14 October 2016

Butterfly Fried Prawns....

This is a Chinese style Butterfly fried Prawns. It can be served as a starter. Eat it hot and enjoy the crispy fried prawns with any sauce of your choice.
For Marinating the Prawns
12 Medium or Large size Prawns
2  tsp  Garlic Cloves minced 
1  tsp Ginger minced
2 tbsp Soy sauce
Salt to taste 
1/2 tsp Pepper powder 

Shell the prawns, leaving the tails. Slit the prawns lengthwise cutting through the back, leaving a think layer of meat till the tail. Add the soy sauce, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper powder to the prawns and mix it. Let it marinate for 1 hour. 

To Fry the Butterfly Prawns 
Marinated Prawns 
1 Egg beaten with a pinch of Salt 
1/4 cup Corn Starch 
1/2 cup Bread Crumbs 
Oil for deep frying 

Take a pan, add oil and heat it. Dip the marinated prawn into corn starch. Then dip the prawn into the beaten egg. Coat the prawn with bread crumbs. Fry the prawn properly until it is golden brown in colour and crispy. Remove and keep the fried prawn on an absorbent paper. Repeat the same process with the remaining prawns. Serve it hot with sweet chilli sauce or any sauce of your choice. 

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