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When Suprio invited me for the food tasting at River2Ocean. I was in two minds... later I decided to go. It was a wise decision. I am so thankful to Suprio (Admin of Mumbai Food Freak and The Nomad Foodie) for inviting me to Zorawar Karla’s restaurant Rivers2Oceans at Palladium Mall - Parle Mumbai. I must say it’s the place for all sea food lovers. They have variety of sea food dishes from across the globe. Most of the ingredients for the dishes are also procured from around the globe. You can actually feel the freshness of the ingredients. Not only sea food, but they have some of the amazing vegetarian and meat dishes too. The place also talks about unique varieties of Champagne and Wine. They have a lovely huge open bar and a kitchen.

 We could choose either Sea food or Vegetarian from the Chefs Tasting menu, it goes without saying that I chose Sea food. Peter and Mayur were our buddies from R2O helping us to identify the dishes and the ingredients used in the dishes. They both did a fabulous job. Chef Varun Kinger is the man behind the scene to create these unique gastronomical dishes. It was mind boggling.

We ate an elaborate 15 course meal which was categories into Cold tastings, Soups, Hawker’s Street, Small Plates, Sorbet, Mains and Dessert. Four types of champagne or wine was paired with the menu. Although I don’t drink, I enjoyed the visuals. Each champagne were served in different types of champagne flute glasses. It almost took us 4 hours to end this scrumptious meal.

Almost all the dishes were brilliant and delectable. Even though it was a sea food restaurant, as I said earlier the vegetarian and the meat preparation was equally good. It was a treat for the eyes and palate.
My drink for the evening -

Passion Fruit and Citrus... it was very refreshing.
The Amuse Bouche - It started with a palate cleanser -

* Yuzu Espuma with Caviar topping. This was totally vegetarian as the Caviar were created by molecular gastronomy from tomatoes, orange and cranberries, which had a citrusy flavour from Yuzu.
The Cold Tastings began with -

* Rock Oysters was served with Apple Mignonette and Asian Soy Sauce Dressing. The Rock Oysters rocks. It paired up well with the dressings. Yeh dil mange more.

* Scampi Tartare with Puffed Amaranth and Mandarin dressing. I enjoyed the visual as well as the taste.

* Tuna Nicoise Salad. This was a modernist take with tuna bits, with edamame and sous vide eggs. The Tuna salad preparation and the presentation was truly a treat to your eye and palate. It was a moleculer gastronomy dish.
This was followed by -

* Leek and Crab Soup with Butter Carb stick. The butter carb sticks were crunchy and went well with the soup. The soup was very flavourful. The presentation and taste was equally good.
The next in line was a dish from Hawker’s Street -

* Sea Bass Otak Otak, with Citrus Pandana dressing which was a Malay dish. It was delicious and I loved the distinctive flavour of the sambal paste and kafir lime. I am in love with the serving bowl.
The Small Plates dishes were -

* Textures of Mushrooms season with Taco dust.  The taco dust seasoned on the textured mushrooms was quite flavourful. There were many varieties of mushrooms added to the dish which indeed added texture to the dish.

* Chardonnay poached Mussels with parsley - paprika butter was served with Focaccia. It was delicious. The parsley - paprika butter at the end went well with the focaccia.

* Sushi taco with Avocado and Cream cheese. The covering of the taco was made with sea weed. This gave a crunchy texture and the sauce was creamy and delicious.

* Truffles fresh Lobster with Black Caviar and Dill Oil. Black Caviar are my favourite. I loved the preparation.

* Pulled Lamb Ragout with Parmesan. It was delicious.

* Charred Belgian Pork rubs with Maple and Balsamic Glazed. The fennel went blended well with the pork. It was one of my favourite. I didn’t mind if there was a repeat of the dish.
The next in line was basically a palate cleanser. It was -

* Orange and mint sorbet. The flavour of the orange and mint was distinct.
This was followed by another small plate dish

* Field mushrooms stuffed with Morels Home made Corzetti. I loved the woody flavour of the mushroom powder.
The Mains were

* Malabar Crab Curry served with Asian Rice and Parotta.  I like the crispy Parotta, but the Malabar curry was not to my taste. The sweetness of the curry at the beginning and the spiciness of the curry at the end didn’t agree to my palate. The dish could have been more balanced.
Finally it was followed by the dessert -

* Black Truffle with Gold leaf and Eton Mess which was an amazing English dessert. It was superlative. There was crunchiness from the meringue, sourness of the berries and the sweetness of the chocolate. It was delicious.
The presentation was good and I loved the crockery in which the food was served. This place is a treat for your palate and eyes too. I had a fabulous time at the restaurant with other foodie friends from Mumbai Food Freak and The Nomad Foodie. It’s an evening to cherish! It’s a must visit place for all food lovers who likes to explore and experience delicious food.

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