Sunday, 6 September 2020

Ilish Macher Bhappa

After a long time we managed to get Ilish from an online cold storage. We were very thrilled, after all it’s called the Macher Raja... King of Fish in Bengal, as it’s the tastiest fish. The fish was delivered whole, we had to clean and cut the fish... and I love cutting the fish. So quickly got into action, geared up with the cutting tools, cut the fish and made Bhappa Ilish - one of the classic traditional dish made with Ilish. 


6 pieces of Ilisha Fish
1 Garlic Cloves
4 to 6 Green Chillies as per the spiciness you require 
Salt to taste
1 tsp Turmeric powder 
1/2 tsp Chilli Powder - Optional 
1 tbsp Fresh or Desiccated Coconut  -  optional 
2 - 3 tbsp Mustard seeds 
1 tsp Poppy seeds - optional
2 tbsp Curd 
1 1/2 tbsp + 1//2 tsp Mustard Oil 

To make a paste, add mustard seeds, poppy seeds, coconut, 2 green chillies, garlic, salt and curd in a grinder and grind all the ingredients with little water into a paste. Strain the paste. Take fish pieces and apply salt chilli powder and turmeric powder on the fish, pour the paste and mustard oil on over the fish and coat the fish well with the paste. Add slit green chillies. Close the container and steam the fish for 10 - 15 minutes or add water in the pressure cooker, place the cooker stand and place the closed container inside the cooker and pressure cook with 2 whistles. Once done, drizzle the remaining mustard oil and serve it with hot steamed rice. 

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