Friday, 10 May 2019

Bird’s Nest 

Every time I visited Singapore, I was very inquisitive to see and know more about Bird’s nest, but didn’t get the chance. I had seen it on National Geographic Channel. So this time, while roaming in one of the local market, I happened to enter a Chinese store. As you enter the Chinese store you will find many varieties of herbs, ginseng, dried mushrooms, dried fish, bird’s nest and many more products.
 Bird's nests is one of the expensive animal product that is edible and are made from the saliva of the Swiftlet bird. This bird’s nest are harvested and it holds a prized possession in Chinese culture due to its high nutrient value and flavour. Chinese believe that it promotes good health.
It’s extremely a difficult task to get this bird’s nest. In nature these are found high up in the caves. It’s a very dangerous task for the harvesters. They climb the top with the help of the rope and ladder. It takes lots of effort cleaning them, before it’s sold in the market.
It is categorised as per the type, shape, colour etc and then priced as per the category.  Now a day you get fake ones too, so you have to be aware about the product before you buy it.
While speaking to the shopkeeper, I came to know that it’s like gelatine, after it’s cooked it becomes thick and is used mostly for making sweet soup, but it’s also used as a ingredient to make other dishes due to its gelatinous texture. Bird nest soup is a delicacy for the Chinese people.

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