Saturday, 23 May 2020

Aam Kasundi

Kasundi is a very popular mustard pickle used in Bengal and it is made by fermenting mustard seeds and spices in a mud pot. In modern times it’s highly used as an accompaniment with the chops, cutlets and various fried snacks. It’s also used in cooking. Traditionally it’s was made with lots of rituals and many restrictions were followed while making the Kasundi. Now it is made at home with ease. There are many spices added to the Kasundi. Apart from traditional Kasundi there are now many ways and ingredients used in making the Kasundi. 
Here I have made Aam Kasundi. 

1 big size Raw Mango washed, peeled and cut into small pieces 
4 Green Chillies 
2 small pieces of Ginger
1/4 cup Yellow Mustard seeds 
1/4 cup Black Mustard seeds
Salt to taste 
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 
1 tsp Sugar 
1/4 cup Vinegar 
Normal temperature boiled water depending on the requirement

Take a grinder jar, add yellow mustard seeds, black mustard seeds, green chillies, raw mango pieces, ginger, salt, turmeric powder and sugar. Add vinegar and water little at a time blend it into a fine paste. The paste has to be of dropping consistency. Take a glass jar, pour the Kasundi paste. Close the lid and keep it in the sun for few days. Check the Kasundi every day, incase if you find the salt is less than you can add salt. Stir it with a clean dry spoon. 

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