Thursday 30 May 2024

Chingri ar Kacha Aam diye purbhora Lunka r Achar


Chingri ar Kacha Aam diye purbhora Lunka r Achar - 

This pickle recipe was going on in my head for sometime ..  I wanted to experiment and create the recipe… finally made it, it’s an amazing Bengali pickle for nonveg lovers. I have used prawns, but mutton Keema also can be used after boiling the Keema. 

Here I have taken fat green chillies, stuffed the chillies with raw mango and prawns with spices. This pickle with stay for 3 to 4 months in the fridge. Can be enjoyed with dal - rice, Paratha or chapatis. 

Any pickle masala can be used, I have also shared the masala that I have made. 

Here is the recipe… 

For the Pickle Masala 


1 tbsp Mustard 

1 tsp Coriander seeds

1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds

1/2 tsp Carom seeds

1/2 tsp Cumin seeds 

1/2 tsp Fennel seeds

1 tsp Chilli powder 


Grind all the above ingredients together into fine powder 

For the stuffing 


2 tbsp Kasundi 

2 tbsp Pickle Masala 

1/2 Turmeric powder 

1/2 tsp Black Salt 

Salt to taste 

10 to 15 boiled Prawns ground without any water

3 tbsp Ginger- Garlic - Green Chilli paste ( 1 small Ginger, 10 to 15 Garlic, 10 Green Chillies) 

4 tbsp grated Raw Mango - excess water squeezed out 


Mix all the above ingredients together. 

For the Pickle 

15 Fat Green Chillies washed, dried, stem removed and slit on one side for stuffing 

Stuffed Masala 

1/2 cup Mustard Oil 

1 tbsp Vinegar 


Take a green chilli, stuff the masala in the green chilli, repeat the process until all the chillies are stuffed. 

Take oil in a spread out pan, heat the oil until smoking point, switch off the flame and cool the oil down. Switch on the flame once again, the flame has to be low. Place the stuffed green chillies in the pan. Turn the green chillies and coat the oil all over the chillies. Add the excess stuffing masala into the oil, the oil will be just warm, switch off the flame, let the oil cool down. Add a tbsp of vinegar. Take a clean dry jar, place the green chillies into the jar, pour the excess oil and the masala into the jar. Keep the jar out for 2 days. Then keep the jar in the fridge. It stays well for 3 to 4 months. Enjoy with dal - rice, Paratha or chapatis.

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