Sunday 26 May 2024

Malai Methi Chicken Kabab Curry

 Malai Methi Chicken Kabab Curry - It’s a delicious side dish to go with Pulao, Roti, Naan or Paratha. It’s quick to make… Vegetarians can use Paneer or Vegetarian Kababs instead of the Chicken Kababs. 

Here I have grilled the Kababs in an Air fryer. The Kababs can be grilled in an oven or on charcoal. 

Here is the recipe how I made it - 

For the Chicken Kabab - 


400 grams of Chicken Keema or Boneless cut into small piece 

1 small Onion chopped 

4to 5 garlic 

1 small piece of Ginger 

3 to 4 Green Chillies 

1 tbsp Lime Juice 

Few Coriander stems and Leaves chopped 

Few Mint Leaves 

Salt to taste 

1 tsp Roasted Cumin and Coriander powder 

2 tbsp Sattu or roasted Besan

1 tsp Chicken Masala 

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder 

1/2 tsp Garam Masala powder 

1 tsp Oil + 2 tbsp Oil 

1 tsp Ghee

1 piece of Charcoal 


Add all the above ingredients plus one tsp oil except charcoal and ghee into to a chopper and blend all the ingredients together until it begins to form a soft dough. If chopper is not available then use a mixer jar. 

Remove the Kabab mix and knead it well. Take a piece of charcoal and heat it up on fire. Place the charcoal in a small bowl, place the bowl in between the kabab mix. Pour a tsp of ghee and cover the big bowl of kabab mix for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove the charcoal bowl. ( The charcoal process can be avoided if the Kababs are grilled on charcoal grill). 

Now apply oil on your palms. Take a big lemon size portion of the kabab mix. Shape as you like, cylindrical or oval. Brush the remaining oil on the Kababs. 

Place them on a tray. Air fry at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes on each sides. Similarly can use a preheated otg or grill it on a grilling pan until brown on both the sides. Keep it aside. 

For the Wet Paste for the Curry 


1 big size Onion sliced 

5 to 6 Garlic chopped 

1 small Ginger piece chopped 

2 to 3 Green Chillies chopped depending upon your spice level 

Few Coriander stems chopped 

10 Cashew nuts

Salt to taste 

1/2 tsp Sugar 

1 tsp Cumin powder 

1/2 tsp Coriander powder 

1/4 tsp Turmeric powder - (Optional)

1 Green Cardamom 

2 Cloves 

1 small piece Cinnamon 

1 tsp Oil 

4 to 5 tbsp Curd 


Add all the above ingredients in a pan except curd. Sprinkle little water and mix all the ingredients together. Place the pan on a low flame. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally until the onion pieces have become translucent. Switch of the flame. Once the ingredients have cooled down, grind all the ingredients together with the curd into smooth paste. 

For the Methi Malai Chicken Kabab Curry 


Chicken Kabab 

Wet paste 

2 to 3 tbsp Ghee 

2 Green Cardamom 

2 Cloves 

1 small piece of Cinnamon 

1 Bay leaf 

1 tbsp Kasuri Methi 

Salt if required 

1/2 cup Milk 

1/4 cup Cream 


Take a wok, add ghee, add cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and bay leaf. Sauté for few seconds. Add the wet paste and 1/2 of the crushed kasuri methi, stir, cook for 2 minutes on low flame. Once the masala starts to thicken and the ghee releases, add 1/2 cup water, cover and let it simmer for a minute. Meanwhile beat the milk and cream together and keep it aside. Add the kababs and let the gravy simmer for another minute. Pour the milk - cream into the gravy and stir gently, in few seconds switch off the flame. Garnish with remaining crushed Kasuri Methi and serve with Paratha or Naan.

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