Sunday 24 January 2016

Karahi Gosht

Karahi Gosht
1/2 kg Mutton
2 Onions sliced
1 medium size Tomatoes chopped
2 medium sized Tomatoes chopped to make puree.
1 tsp Green chillies paste
1 tsp Garlic cloves paste
1 tsp Ginger paste
2 tbsp Karahi Masala powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala powder
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
½ tsp Red chilli powder
½ tsp Pepper powder
Salt to taste
2 tbsp Oil
Few Coriander leaves chopped for garnish 1 small pieces Ginger cut into juliennes for garnish

Boil the mutton in a glass of water and keep it aside along with its stock. Grind the chopped tomatoes with half cup mutton stock. Take a wok, a 1 tbsp oil, add the tomato puree and 1 tbsp Karahi Masala and cook it for 4 to 5 minutes. Keep it aside. Heat remaining oil in a wok,  add sliced onions, saute it till brown in colour. Add the chopped tomatoes, when the  tomatoes are tender, add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, 1 tbsp Karahi masala powder, pepper powder, salt, garlic paste, ginger  and chilli paste. Cook it for 2-3 minutes. Add the mutton, tomato puree and remaining stock. Stir, cover and cook for 15 minutes on low heat.  Garnish with ginger juliennes and chopped coriander leaves. Serve it hot with Naan,  Roti or Paratha and sliced onion.

Karahi Masala powder
2 tbsp Coriander seeds roasted
1 tbsp Cumin seeds roasted
1/2 tbsp Pepper Corns
4 Red Dry Chillies
6 Cloves
1 stick Cinnamon
4 Green Cardomon
1 tbsp Kasuri Methi
1 tsp Turmeric powder

Grind  all the above ingredients in a grinder in to a powder.

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