Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tiranga Barfi (Green Pea,Carrot Mava Barfi)

Happy Republic Day to all.....
Tiranga Barfi (Green Pea,Carrot Mava Barfi)
750 grams Mawa
750 grams Cottage cheese  (Paneer )
11/2 cups Condensed milk
2 cup Green Peas puree
2 cup Carrot puree
3/4 tsp Cardomom powder
3 Pinches of Salt
Sprinkle of  Pistachio powder and few Almond flakes for garnishing
Ghee for greasing

Take a plate and make crumbs of mawa and paneer. Divide the mava, paneer, condensed milk, cardomom powder and salt into 3 parts.  Take a heavy bottom pan add  the green pea puree, stirring occasionally reduce the water content in the puree, Add  mawa and paneer and stirring it  continuously cook it for 10 minutes till the liquid in it dries up a bit. Add the condensed milk, salt and cardomom powder, stir and cook on low flame till the mixture forms almost like a dough. Take it out and spread the mixture on a greased plate while it is hot. Take the another  pan, add only the mava and paneer, salt, condensed milk and cardomom powder, repeat the process. After the middle layer is done, take a pan and repeat the same with carrot puree. Take it out and spread the mixture on the white mixture.  Sprinkle with pistachios powder and almond flakes. Let it sit in the fridge for 6 hours till it sets. Cut into pieces and serve.


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