Thursday, 11 February 2016

Spicy Pumpkin Orange Jam

Spicy Pumpkin Orange Jam

1 big bowl or 1/2 kg of Pumpkin peeled, deseeded and cut in to thin slices
Juice of 2 Oranges
Juice of 2 Lime
1 tbsp Ginger juice
1 stick Cinnamon
1 Star Anise
2 Pinch of Nutmeg
1/4 tsp Chilli flakes
Pinch of Salt
3 cups Sugar
2 cups of Water

Add the pumpkin and water into a large pot. Cook the pumpkin on high flame until the pumpkin slices are soft, mushy and the water has almost evaporated. Add the sugar, orange juice, lime juice, ginger juice,  cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg, salt and chilli flakes. Cook on low flame on a large burner, stirring it occasionally in the beginning and then continuously as the jam begins to thicken and reaches the setting point. To check, take water in a small plate, add a droplet of the jam, if the droplet settles in one place and does not spread then it is done. Remove the pot from the heat. Take the clean glass jar. It has to be completely dry. While it is still warm, pour into the jar. It can be preserved upto  2 months.

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