Monday, 31 August 2015

Taj Mahal Tea House Bandra

#Su's Food Venture..

Taj Mahal Tea House.... A perfect place to spend your lazy Sundays and Holidays ....

Few of the old bungalows in Bandra has been converted in to cafes and restaurants.. One of them which has opened up recently this month on St. John Baptist road is Taj Mahal Tea house... The place is huge around 3,500 square feet and the ambience is very cosy.. ideal for a lazy Sunday break fast or a brunch. You can visit the place with your family, friends or single... 

The interiors has a look of a charming old colonial house of a Maharaja..... with wooden celing and flooring.... Some portion of the walls are designed with Antique marbled tiles and antique furnitures kept all around the place. The place has a reading corner and WiFi connection.. and a cosy ambience to work, read and spend hours together without any one disturbing your privacy. You can comfort yourself in any corner as the area has been divided into many several small sections....

The Indian classical music follows with the ambience of the place and few musical instruments have been displayed. One of the instrument which has been displayed is the tabla used by Ustad Zakir Hussain as he is the brand ambassador of Taj Mahal Tea. Few of his pictures holds the pride position on the walls.

There is a take away sales counter from where you can buy tea and bread. 

   One of the menu card says all about different types of tea which is being served there like Saffron, Mint and Curry leaf iced tea,  Organic and Green tea, Chai smoothies and Chai lattes and a  filter coffee too. I loved there chilled Kashmiri saffron Chai latte... but a bit of sweetness could have been added in the latte, but no worries, I added  sugar to my taste. 

The other menu card says all about  food being served there right from breakfast, lunch, nibbles, high tea, sandwich, soups, salads, dinner and desserts.
Food is excellent and worth the price as a boutique restaurant,  although one of the item which I had there Homemade savoury waffle, sandwiched between Mediterranean vegetables, I felt was a bit overly priced as to the portion served.  

A  must have dish was Arabic fritter chaat with tamarind tulsi chutney... we ordered for a second plate. 

House made egg benedict and was another dish worth the try.  Rest of the dishes we had there and was also good was Belgian waffles with choice of apple compote, home made jam, chocolate, caramel sauce, honey or whipped cream, Parsi brun maska with homemade jam, Paneer and spearmint samosa with plum and kokam chutney,  Triple deck egg sandwich and Dhokla millefeuilles with asparagus, portobello mushroom and chickpeas ragout.

The people in the Tea House was very friendly and the service was very prompt. 

Wah Taj!!

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