Friday, 31 July 2015

Indo- Western Mithai shots....

Indo- Western Mithai shots....
I had some leftover cake crumbs and some rasogullas. So this idea came to me to make these Mithai shots. They are superbly delicious. Do try them at home and treat your family and friends.
Makes 12 shot glass
4 rasgullas cut into 3 parts
12 tbsp chocolate Ganache ( 100 ml cream added to 250 grams of dark chocolate and melted for 30 seconds to a minute in a microwave and mixed well)
2 grated carrots
8 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp peeled and chopped almonds
1 tsp ghee
A pinch of cardamom powder
1 cup of cake crumbs
12 tblsp of rose syrup
1 cup milk
1 tsp vegetarian gelatin
2 tbsp of hot water
12 tsp fresh cream
Take a cup of milk and keep it to boil on a slow flame and reduce the quantity to 1/2 and add 4 tblsp of condensed milk. Now take hot water and add the gelatin and mix well till no lumps should remain. Add the gelatine to the milk and mix well. Now take 12 shot glasses and fill  1/4 part of the shot glasses with milk. Keep it in the fridge to set.
Take a vessel and add ghee. Add the grated carrots and saute it. Add 4 tbsp of condensed milk and a pinch of cardamom powder cook it on slow flame till the condensed milk has dried up. Add the chopped almonds. Now take out the shot glasses from the fridge. Make 12 small balls of carrot mithai and add them into shot glasses on top of the milk gelatine and flatten them with your finger. Now add 1 tbsp of chocolate Ganache  in each glass. Then add the cake crumbs and fill the glass till little portion of the glass is empty. Keep it in the fridge. Before serving the Mithai shots, take the glasses out from the fridge and microw wave the shots for 15 seconds. Then add one part of the rosogulla and pour 1 tbsp of rose syrup on top and garnish it with fresh cream on top. And it's ready to be served.

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