Sunday, 5 July 2015

Jelly Coconut Cream shots

Jelly Coconut Cream shots
3 types of coloured Jelly packets ( Mango, Rasberry, Apricot)
1 tetra packet Coconut Milk
2 tbsp Condensed Milk
1 Pandan leaf (optional)
1 tsp Veg Gelatine

Take 3/4 of the Mango jelly packet in a pan. Add 1 and 3/4 water and mix it till the powder dissolves. Boil the jelly liquid and put one tbsp of the jelly liquid in the shot glasses. Refrigerate it till it sets. Take the coconut milk, condensed milk and veg gelatine in a pan. Mix it well till the gelatine dissolves. Add Pandan leaf and boil the coconut milk. Add 1/2 tbsp of the coconut milk in to the shot glass on the mango jelly. Refrigerate till it sets. Take Rasberry jelly packet and follow the same method as mango jelly. Refrigerate till the Rasberry jelly sets. Warm up the remaining coconut milk till the gelatine dissolves. Repeat the same method as coconut milk. Refrigerate the coconut jelly till set... Lastly follow the same method with Apricot jelly. Set the jelly shots for 2 hours and serve it chilled.

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