Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Home made Tandoori Roti

Home made Tandoori Roti


3 cups Whole wheat

1 tbsp  Oil

1 cup Curd  + more  to make a dough

1/2 tsp Sugar

1 cup of water to apply on the dough

Ghee to apply on the Roti


Take a mixing bowl. Add flour, salt, sugar  and oil. Mix it all the ingredients together. Add beaten curd and knead to make a dough.  Cover the dough for 30 minutes and keep. Make equal size big  balls from the dough.  Sprinkle wheat flour on the dough.Heat an iron tawa.  Take a ball and lightly flatten it into a circle dust some whole wheat flour and roll out into a slightly thick circle.Brush water on one side of the flattened dough. Put the watered side on the hot tawa or pan, raise the heat to high and let it stay for a few seconds. Turn the tawa upside down since the dough is sticked to the tawa it will not fall down and we can cook the other side over the flame decrease and increase the flame as needed tilting and moving the tawa.Until the other side is cooked. Put the tawa back on the flame, for another minute decrease or increase flame as needed, so that the other side will get cooked....once done, remove from the tawa.Brush ghee on top.

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