Friday, 12 June 2015

Mangoes and Ĺimes in Salt

Mangoes and Ĺimes in Salt

Getting ready to make pickles for this season..... So was looking out for the pickles remaining from the last season..... Few raw mango and lime marinated in salt remaining... Just love them... This mangoes and limes come very handy and can be used in any recipes... Eat it just like that, make Khatta Dal, use them in Salads, in chutney, make instant pickles, if fresh lime is not available just use them.. Chop them and use for bhel puri or sew puri or in poha... To give the tangy taste and many more things....Very easy to make...

Raw Mangoes
Take Raw mangoes or lime and salt ... Wash the mangoes or limes. Wipe them. No water should be there on the mangoes or limes, otherwise it will catch fungus. Give  four slits on the mangoes or cut limes in four parts and rub salt... Take a glass jar arrange one layer of mango or lime.. Add salt on top of the mangoes or limes. Repeat the process and fill up the jar. Keep the jar in the sun for 15 days to a month more till the mangoes or limes will absorb the salt.. And then it is ready...

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